In One Question: Clyodinamics.

by jonasscherer

A russian thinker aiming to perceive patterns in history along with others. Anatoly Karlin’s view of Clyodinamics.

Question made via e-mail on april 17th, 2013


Jonas Scherer: Could you explain what do you understand by “CLYODINAMICS“?

Anatoly: Cliodynamics is the modeling of historical processes. Over time, it has been noticed that many ecological processes – for instance, predator-prey relations – can also apply to human societies, as when population stresses lead to wars, state collapse, and brigandage. This leads to depopulation as the brigands and big men kill off each other, before peace is reestablished and the population starts to grow again. Such a pattern is typical of many pre-industrial civilizations and can explain the “dynastic cycles” we see from France to China.

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