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Fotografia: DougalEARTH

Getting close to volcanoes that look eager to spit rivers of incredibly hot molten lava may not be the dream of a generation, but it is a delightful experience for those who admire Earth’s forces. Dougal Alexander Jerram, a British geologist, researcher  and media presenter is part of this group. He has been seen next to volcanoes explaining its details and has featured as an expert on his appearances on BBC, Discovery Channel, History Channel, National Geographic and Channel 4. Director of DougalEARTH, his earth sciences website, Dougal  has accepted to pour some of his hot volcanic knowledge into this interview.

Interview done by jonasscherer via e-mail between october 13th and 24th, 2012.


Why do people call you Dr. Volcano?

Dougal: During the Iceland volcanic ash crisis which shut off all Europe’s air space, I was asked to go on a popular TV show called “The One Show” on the BBC, to explain about the volcano. They called me Dr. Volcano, and I used a volcano model and geological samples to explain why the volcanic eruptions were causing such a problem. The name Dr. Volcano has stuck and its now my knick name.

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Stone Inhabitants.

by jonasscherer

Fotografias: Jonas Scherer

In São João dos Mellos, a rural district of Júlio de Castilhos in the central region of Rio Grande do Sul state, southern Brazil, the natural landscape draws attention to its rustic beauty. In this place, settled among mountains and fields, lies an uncommon collection of more than 200 stone statues and a few wooden sculptures, not to mention a giant stone Buddah: the place called Jardim das Esculturas (Sculpture Garden). Since 2004 the place has been making its way through beauty and originality. Rogério Bertoldo, the man behind the statues, explains what is this project and how it has emerged as a touristic destination, gathering visitors from all over the world.

Interview personally done and translated by jonasscherer at Jardim das Esculturas’ facilities on September 30th in the district of São João dos Mellos, the city of Júlio de Castilhos – Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil.   


Jonas Scherer: How have you become a sculptor?

Rogério: It started all of a sudden, when I was practicing martial arts. I started to make a little Buddha, in stone, at that time I was just starting to make some intaglios. Then I decided – after that Buddha – to start the Jardim (Garden). So I asked my family for permission, got a hatchet, some old chisels and even table knives. And then I started.

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Polemicizing Race and Racism. Again. – Robert Lindsay’s interview in English.

by jonasscherer

Fotografia do acervo pessoal de Robert Lindsay.

A popular US independent journalist in addition to being a linguist and blogger, speaks one of the main themes of his blog: race and racism. Hailing from Madera, California, this controversial writer has agreed to speak to us in a sober and personal manner about a subject that is both widely debated and yet widely proscribed in the US – race differences. His main body of work is available at  

Interview done by jonasscherer via e-mail between august 9th and 15th, 2012.


Jonas Scherer: What do you do?

Lindsay: Hello. Mostly I live off a trust fund, but I also work as a counselor for mentally ill people, and I make some money off my writing.

Mostly, I am a writer and blogger, and for the most part, that is a volunteer effort. It’s more of a hobby than anything else.

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