Polissemic Talk.

by jonasscherer

Jared Taylor, born in Japan to American parents – both missionaries – , president of the New Century Foundation, Philosophy BA from Yale University, Sciences Po from the Institut d’Études Politiques de Paris and founder of the journal American Renaissance, is a journalist. In this interview, he talks about history, philosophy and human nature, expressing his opinions within each of these areas.

Interview done by jonasscherer via e-mail between november 20th and 22nd, 2012.


Jonas Scherer: You have received your BA in Philosophy from Yale. Why Philosophy?

Jared: At that time I believed that studying philosophy would teach me how to be a better, wiser person.  I was disappointed. The study of philosophy seemed to be more like archaeology of thought. The concerns of most philosophers did not seem very relevant to the decisions a person must make in real life. It was only later, when I went to Sciences Po in Paris, that I seriously studied subjects that ahd more relevance to real life: history and economics.

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